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Coat of arms of the Waldmeyer Family
Coat of arms of the Waldmeyer Family

We are glad that you found the way to our web site.

Nora Waldmeyer

Since many I years I am artistically active and would like to present some of my works to you.

Manfred Waldmeyer

Beside of my continuous engagement in my company that I founded in 1992, the oPen Software GmbH, my hobbies are constructing, building and sometimes flying model airplanes and microprocessor Electronics with the associated software development.

Furthermore I am a dedicated aficionado of the American southwest and a passionate RV mobile Home driver.

We would like to share some of our impressions and experiences with you.

With best regards,

Nora and Manfred Waldmeyer

We have just started translating our pages so please excuse the mess if you come to a page under construction or still in German.